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Alltech published sustainability report

Alltech published its sustainability report.

Alltech published its sustainability report 2020. In it the company underlines its believe that agriculture has the greatest potential not only to meet the global demand but to positively impact the future of our planet.


“This dawning of a new age in agri-food will require us to continue working together across geographies and industries to create a more sustainable future,” said Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech. “Agriculture has made extraordinary strides in sustainable production, but the next few decades will be crucial. Our sustainability report demonstrates our ongoing commitment. Commitment to providing smarter, more sustainable solutions for producers while harnessing the power of collaboration and human ingenuity to create a more promising future.”  

Throughout the 2020 Alltech Sustainability Report, each of the company’s contributions is accompanied by the corresponding UNGC principles and SDG goals.


While Alltech’s Planet of Plenty vision looks toward the future, it’s also rooted in long-held values. In 1989, Alltech founder Dr. Pearse Lyons committed to a guiding ACE principle, requiring that the company’s endeavours prioritize the safety and well-being of the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment. Today, Alltech’s vision for a Planet of Plenty propels its founding ACE principle into a new world of possibility.


“We compiled our report with input from our teams across the globe,” said David Butler, head of sustainability at Alltech. The report details how Alltech’s Planet of Plenty Partnerships are creating opportunities for advancing the implementation of science-led sustainable practices that improve profitability and animal and environmental welfare.

“This year has affirmed the vital importance of collaboration, trusting our scientific experts and welcoming diverse perspectives,” said Lyons. “Together, instead of leaving a footprint, we can leave a legacy.”

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