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DSM plans Bovaer production site in Scotland

DSM is going to build a production plant for Bovaer in Dalry, Scotland.

Royal DSM plans to realize large scale production capacity for Bovaer in Dalry, Scotland. Bovaer is DSM’ methane-reducing feed additive for ruminants. DSM already has a production site in Dalry.


The investment in the new production plant at the DSM site in Scotland is supported by Scottish Enterprise. Scottish Enterprise’s Managing Director, Linda Hanna commented: “Royal DSM’s project Bovaer has the potential to be a gamechanger for the world’s net zero ambitions. I am delighted that Scotland was chosen as the ideal location for this project. As we support sustainable economic recovery, this investment by Royal DSM provides a real boost for Scotland’s economy.”


As emphasized by the First Minister of Scotland at the announcement, Scotland offers a welcoming and supportive environment for innovation and production. “Methane reducing feed additives are a crucial part of the solutions that the agriculture sector needs to deploy towards achieving climate ambitions. This multimillion pound investment will make Scotland the home of this innovative product and highlights that Scotland is leading the way in delivering a net zero future”, according to Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland.

Climate action

Geraldine Matchett and Dimitri de Vreeze, co-CEOs of DSM commented: ”First of all we are pleased with the Scottish government’s support of the buildup of our production capacity of Bovaer. Particularly within the context of COP26, where the importance of fast climate action through reduction of methane emissions is emphasized again. We are looking forward offering a scientifically proven effective solution to the challenge of methane emissions by farming.” 


Over 50 percent of emissions from milk production comes in the form of enteric methane emission. Bovaer is a feed additive which consistently reduces enteric methane emission by approximately 30 percent for ruminants. One quarter of a teaspoon Bovaer per cow per day will consistently reduce enteric methane emission by approximately 30 percent, according to DSM. This reduction enables a 10-12 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per kilo of milk.


The endeavor to develop Bovaer encompassed over ten years. This included 45 on-farm trials in 13 countries across four continents. Furthermore over 48 peer-reviewed studies were published in independent scientific journals. Early September 2021 DSM received full regulatory approvals in Brazil and Chile for its feed additive Bovaer.

Market introduction

DSM has available initial commercial product volumes for near term market development. To prepare for further scale up in the next years, engineering for a new large plant in Dalry has started. The target is to start the production in the new plant in the course of 2025. 

DSM’s Dalry manufacturing site has been in operation for over 60 years and produces high quality micro-nutrients. The site is the only Western producer of vitamin C.

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