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Victam partners up with Fefac and Nordic Pet Food

Victam International is preparing its conference programme for the 2022 exhibition.

The Victam-organisation announced new partnerships that complement its conference programme around the 2022 exhibition. Among them are Fefac and the Nordic Pet food Events organisers.

Victam International and Grapas Europe 2022 will take place in Utrecht from May 31 – June 2. Preparations are in full swing. Despite the Covid situation there is a lot of confidence and positivism among the exhibitors. Excited exhibitors and a strong conference programme, and the co-location of VIV Europe makes the organisers positive about attracting visitors to the event.

Conference programme

Victam has signed up with strong conference partners who altogether have a programme that covers all of the segments of the industry. The conference programme includes partnerships with Fefac, Nevedi, BFA and Feed Design Lab and Wageningen University and Victam Foundation. The latter two are responsible for the organisation of the second International Feed Technology Conference.


Fefac decided to host its annual conference during the Victam event. One day prior, FEFAC will have their directors meeting combined with attending the event.

Nevedi, BFA and Feed Design Lab will organize their annual Young Feed Professional event for feed nutritionists of under the age of 40. The Grain trade committee and Nevedi will host their annual network event in parallel to Grapas Europe 2022 (TBC). Nevedi will also have their annual meeting at the event.


Nordic Pet food Events will organize a two day PetXpert Processing Conference. This conference is a cooperation with Victam International. The aim of the conference is to present technical solutions and know-how for quality and efficient pet food manufacturing. They will cover topics on formulations, ingredient processing/handling, manufacturing and new innovative solutions.


Aquafeed.com will organize their conference, this time with the title: ‘Towards Sustainable Aquafeed 2022’ is the title of the aquafeed conference. Organiser of this event is Aquafeed.com. The aim of the conference is to explore solutions and opportunities for sustainable aquaculture. Subjects like responsible ingredient sourcing, helping reduce waste and enhancing disease resistance will be addressed.

Round table

De Molenaar, trade magazine for the Dutch speaking grain processing and feed industry, will be host of a round table. Important machine suppliers and government officials will discuss the future of the animal feed industry, where topics like sustainability, raw materials, Covid and internationalization will be discussed (to be confirmed).


Two segments will get special attention at the exhibition floor with segment pavilions: Packaging and Pet Food. “There is a growing interest for these subjects”, according to the organisers. “The pavilions are one-stop-shop to all the current and future trends in the Pet Food and packaging industries.” The all-inclusive pavilions and presentation arena provide an easy accessible opportunity for new exhibitors and participants to make personal contacts with targeted audience and key players.

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