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Last week, together with our sister companies within the Triott Group, Almex, IVS Dosing Technology, PTN, TSC, Inteqnion and PCE, we participated in the Victam International 2022 in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. After more than 2 years, the Victam International offered the opportunity to physically meet our customers and relations again.

Individual expertise and integrated solutions

The different companies of the Triott Group showed their individual expertise and at the same time presented the integrated solutions they can offer together: mechatronic solutions; tailored solutions for pelleting and extrusion and total solutions for the development and construction of, among other things, compound feed factories or the realization of complete production lines.

Micro Dosing Unit

The exhibition offered the opportunity to present some of our new machines. Visitors were given an explanation about Ottevanger’s new Micro Dosing Unit. A modular small component dosing system that distinguishes itself from conventional dosing and weighing methods through its flexibility and wide applicability.

Extruder AXT 220

Almex showed its new Extruder AXT 220 and attracted a lot of attention. This new extruder, which can mainly be used for the production of pet food and aquafeed, has a capacity of 10 t/h. There was also a lot of interest in the MonoRoll 1000 from PTN. Producing more energy efficient is an important theme within the industry and the use of the Monoroll contributes to this.

Data driven

Inteqnion presented the latest development at the Victam to make process control data driven. Cloud Portal makes it possible to manage the machines of a production line online. The data can be viewed via QR codes on the machines, among other things. Maintenance becomes easier this way and performance can be monitored better via the data.

Happy to meet again

It was obvious that our staff, clients and visitors  were happy to meet again. For us it meant meeting existing clients, but many interesting contacts have also been made, which could lead to new collaborations.

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