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Schothorst F&N 2022
Foto: Schothorst Feed Research.

Last week Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) organised the 11th annual Feeds & Nutrition course. An event with the aim of translating recent research knowledge into practice. Professionals from the (compound) feed sector were updated on different developments by the specialists of SFR.

Over 70 nutritionists, veterinarians, product managers and sales managers from all over the world came together to share the latest scientific insights.

This year the Feeds & Nutrition course was divided into 13 different modules that could be combined by the attendees into a tailor-made programme. The course participants could learn two days about raw materials. In addition, four course days were offered for poultry, swine and ruminants.

Feed evaluation

During the first day, attention was paid to feed evaluation. This included energy-, protein-, fibre-, calcium- and phosphorus evaluation.

The days about feed evaluation were followed by three days on animal species specific applied nutrition. These included fundamental topics such as physiology of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal health, piglet vitality, egg and meat quality and minerals, or preventing subacute rumen- and hindgut acidosis.

Other relevant topics

Besides the various nutritional topics, SFR also discussed other relevant topics such as the development of slow(er) growing breeds, the importance of early feeding, precision feeding, reducing environmental impact of dairy cow husbandry, protein reduction and the use of alternative protein sources.

At the end of the training days, live feed formulation was performed by the SFR consultants, to show the effect of certain strategies and choices on feed composition to make the practical applicability clear.


Besides the day programme, there was also a social programme. At the end of every day was the opportunity to talk with the SFR experts in an informal setting or just to interact with all the other participants during the ‘Lets (not) talk nutrition’ networking drink.

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