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ProtiPlus brengt dierlijk eiwit terug in voedselketen

In collaboration with Looop, Noblesse Proteïns has released a new, liquid feed. This product, named ProtiPlu, is a co-product of the production of hydrolysed feather protein. Thanks to its high content of highly digestible proteins, this co-product is highly suitable for use as circular livestock feed, allowing us to introduce these essential nutrients into the food chain.

Increase circular impact

Noblesse Proteïns and Looop are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their ecological footprint through the use of co-products in the food chain. “By using co-products in the food chain to create value, we can increase the circular impact of these resource flows,“ Jasmijn van Wakeren, Product Manager Pigs at Looop, explains. “In the past, such resource flows usually ended up at a fermenter, which led to the unnecessary loss of essential nutrients suitable for consumption by pigs.” 

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