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Nutreco neemt het Deense bedrijf Mosegården over

Nutreco acquires the activities of Mosegården, a supplier of animal nutrition in Denmark, focused on minerals and animal health products for pigs and cattle. The company recently announced this.

The addition of Mosegården’s nutrition business to Nutreco’s local animal feed business will strengthen the footprint of the Trouw Nutrition brand in Denmark.

This will allow the company to gain a significant position in the Danish ruminant feed market and expand its portfolio of specialties to a wider range of Danish farmers.

Further expansion

“After last year’s acquisition of Nutrimin, adding Mosegården’s nutritional expertise and iconic brands to our portfolio this year is an important next step for our business in Denmark,” said Nutreco director Fulco van Lede.

“Building on the strength and complementary portfolios of Nutrimin, Mosegården and Trouw Nutrition, we are in a unique position to offer Danish customers an integrated, value-added offering.”

Higher plan

“We recognize Nutreco’s excellence in animal nutrition and are convinced that this is the right company to take Mosegården’s nutrition business to the next level,” said Mosegården CEO Niels Jørgen Sørensen.

“In this way, the legacy of Mosegården, as part of Trouw Nutrition, will continue to contribute to the future of Danish agriculture.”

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