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Hamlet Protein, global expert in solutions for young animal nutrition, has announced it will host an edition of its well-known Feed Your Brain seminars at the EuroTier in Hannover on November 15th. The seminar will focus on gut health and sustainable production of monogastrics. Feed Your Brain has proven to be a unique platform to facilitate information exchange between attendees.

Gut health

“We are looking forward to the upcoming EuroTier and the opportunity to share insights on the latest technical developments in young animal nutrition. We will be present with a booth at the tradeshow, but still decided to organize a Feed Your Brain seminar as well, to interact with nutritionists, veterinarians and purchasers around the topic of gut health,” said Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser.

Guest speaker Prof. Elizabeth Santin, Co-founder, and Advisor of I See Inside Institute and Advisor for Research Development and Sustainability, will present on ”How can we improve the sustainability of swine and poultry production through a specific focus on gut health?”

High-quality ingredients

“Research shows that the inclusion of high-quality ingredients in starter and pre-starter feeds results in improved gut health, better digestion and absorption of feed components and a stronger immune system. That in turn leads to better economics for producers. We are excited to discuss about these topics with the attendees,” concluded Visser.

The Feed Your Brain Seminar will take place on Tuesday November 15th, from 13.00 – 15.45 CET in Room New York 1 in Hall 19 at the EuroTier premises. The event will be followed by an opportunity for networking. Entry will be free of charge. See how to participate here: https://www.hamletprotein.com/events/feed-your-brain-eurotier/

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