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Protix shows good sustainability scores for its products based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) performed by the Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik.

The analysis shows good results for four insect products from Protix, which animal and plant nutrition companies can use to reduce their ecological footprint and thus meet the demand for more sustainable food.

Results in a row

An LCA is a widely accepted and applied way of assessing the effects a product has on the environment throughout its life cycle. The main results of the LCA are:

  • The CO2 emissions and impact on global warming are up to 24 times lower with the product PureeX (with a score of 0.439 CO2 equivalent per kilogram of product) than when chicken meat is used (10.33 kg CO2 equivalent). Chicken meat is often used in pet foods as a protein source for wet applications.
  • The insect meal ProteinX (with a value of 1,149 kg CO2 equivalent) shows an almost seven times lower CO2 footprint than soybean protein concentrate (7.5 kg CO2 equivalent), an ingredient now commonly used in feed for chickens, piglets, calves , fish and shrimp.
  • Flytilizer, Protix’s fertilizer, has only 0.02 kg CO2 equivalent per kilogram of product.
  • Each kilogram of ProteinX reduces the use of water by 33 (190 liters vs. 520 liters for soy protein concentrate).
  • Replacing coconut oil with LipidX in pet food and animal feed ensures that more than 12m2 of land can be returned to nature for every kilogram of fat produced. LipidX uses 0.898 m2 of land and coconut oil 12.98 m2.

“We are pleased that the study confirms that our products are sustainable,” says Protix director Kees Aarts. “We built a 14,000 m2 factory in 2019, the first of its kind worldwide.”

International expansion

“Now, a few years later, we are in a position to build on these results and expand internationally. With the new international factories, we are convinced that we can achieve even better sustainability results.”

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