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Executive Course: Cooperate Life Cycle (postponed)

donderdag 11 juni 2020 t/m vrijdag 12 juni 2020
Hoog Soeren
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A two-day executive course for management and board members of European cooperatives. Every cooperative goes through a cycle of phases, instrumental in determining cooperative health. As the membership becomes more diversified and more heterogeneous, the organisation will need to properly adjust services, policies, resolutions and practices in order to sustain value for itself and its members. The course revolves around interaction, sharing and building of knowledge and skills, all within the framework of maximizing value on the following subjects: Strategic Planning, Board-Management Relations, Leadership and Executive Development, Conflict Resolution, Cost Analysis and Resource Allocation. The trainers are experts on the subjects; Prof. dr Michael L. Cook and Prof. dr ir Joost M.E. Pennings.

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