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Organic Trace Minerals in Layer & Breeder Nutrition

dinsdag 2 november 2021
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15.00 uur
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16.00 uur
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Trace minerals are vital ingredients for the good health and performance of laying hens and breeders worldwide. But what are the differences, if any, between organic and inorganic trace minerals?

I can already reveal this much: Organic minerals like chelates have a high bioavailability, reduce the excretion of unused trace minerals and support the performance and health of the flock. Ultimately, chelates can add to the bottom line of your farm.

In this free webinar, we will cover the role of trace minerals in poultry health and performance, the differences between organic and inorganic mineral bioavailability in layers and breeders. Furthermore, we will demonstrate our expertise in the field of organically bound trace minerals. So stay tuned and join in.

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