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Say goodbye to sieve analyses? (webazine)

dinsdag 19 mei 2020
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11.00 uur
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Triott launches feed forward webazine to help fill the Covid-19 void. A monthly mix of filmed interviews & demonstrations will focus on actual feed topics. Taking the form of an interactive video-magazine style ‘webazine’, Feed Forward aims to fill the communications void left by Covid-19 (and the subsequent postponement of big and local industry events) by bringing industry players together each month to debate a single, defining industry challenge.

“Say goodbye to sieve analysis?”, the first episode is broadcast at 11am CET on 19 May and focuses on new techniques for improving feed quality – and specifically the consistency of particle size distribution. In addition to featuring Ottevanger team members, it includes an extended interview with leading customer De Heus Animal Nutrition, which is successfully piloting a novel Ottevanger solution called GrainCam.

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