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  • diamond v

    Diamond V focusses on immunity and health

    Cedar Rapids (USA) – “Our research program is really focusing now on immunity and health,” Dr. Don McIntyre of Diamond V said at the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta. “Healthier animals are more productive and more efficient, and we’re trying to understand… Lees verder →

  • tebodin

    Tebodin becomes Bilfinger Tebodin

    The Hague (The Netherlands) – As from February 13, 2018 the consultancy and engineering firm Tebodin will operate under the name Bilfinger Tebodin. This name change emphasizes that Tebodin is an integral part of industrial services provider Bilfinger SE. Bilfinger acquired Tebodin in 2012 to… Lees verder →

  • IFRM meeting adresses feed and food safety

    Atlanta (USA) – “Dialogue between the private sector, FAO and regulators is important. Together we can work on feed and food safety and meet global demands for sustainability,” says Dr. Daniel Bercovici, IFIF Chairman about the IFRM-meeting that was held in Atlanta. The 11th annual… Lees verder →

  • victam asia

    Registration open for Victam Asia

    Nijkerk (The Netherlands) – You can now register for Victam Asia 2018. Asia’s biggest event for animal feed production & additives, grain processing and rice milling will be held at Bitec in Bangkok from 27 – 29 March 2018. Equipment Over 200 exhibitors from all over… Lees verder →

  • market outlook

    Fefac Market Outlook for 2018

    Brussels (Belgium)  ̶  FEFAC market experts are relatively optimistic concerning the market outlook for 2018 with regard to industrial compound feed production. The dairy sector still needs to recover from the severe milk price crisis and get rid of the vast stocks of skimmed milk powder, leading… Lees verder →

  • compound feed

    Fefac compound feed production estimates 2017

    Brussels (Belgium) – The industrial compound feed production for farmed animals in the EU-28 in 2017 reached an estimated level of 156.7 mio. t, i.e. 0.2% more than in 2016, according to data provided by Fefac members. As regards cattle feed, the abolishment of dairy quotas in 2015 resulted… Lees verder →

  • Calsporin approved in EU for sows, piglets and dogs

    Werkendam (The Netherlands)  ̶  The European Commission has approved the use of the probiotic Calsporin (Bacillus subtilis C-3102, No. 4b1820 – gut flora stabilizer) in feed for sows, piglets and dogs. Stimulates Calsporin contains living traces of Bacillus subtilis C-3102. It’s dosage is concentrated: 1.0… Lees verder →

  • pet food

    Cargill acquires pet food producer Pro-Pet

    Minneapolis (USA)  ̶  Cargill reached an agreement to acquire Pro-Pet, an Ohio-based manufacturer of private label and co-manufactured pet foods, including premium dog food brand Black Gold.  The acquisition makes Cargill the only national supplier of both animal feed and pet food offerings in the… Lees verder →

  • medicines

    Progress on animal medicines legislative package

    Brussels (Belgium)  ̶  The European Council received the mandate to enter into trilogue negotiations with the Commission and the Parliament to agree on the final text of the new EU Veterinary Medicines and Medicated Feed Regulations. AnimalhealthEurope is pleased to see this next step is taken as… Lees verder →