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  • dynamic pellet mill

    Van Aarsen launches new CU Dynamic pellet mill

    Panheel (The Netherlands) ‒ Van Aarsen has launched its CU Dynamic pellet mill with motor-operated roller adjustment and active roller slip control. This means that mixed feed manufacturers can always produce exactly the correct pellet quality with one press on the button. Moreover, with the… Lees verder →

  • FFI

    Nutriad opens new FFI plant in China

    Dendermonde (België) ‒ Traditional Chinese dragon dances were on display when Nutriad, together with local partners, opened its new palatability factory in Nantong (China). The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by government officials, industry leaders and local staff. A pioneer in flavour and sweetener solutions… Lees verder →

  • FFA2017

    FFA2017: ‘Time for solutions is now’

    Brussels (Belgium) ‒ The 10th annual Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA2017) in Brussels, called upon all stakeholders committed to sustainable agriculture and protection of the environment, to move beyond pledges and take action in order to implement the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals… Lees verder →

  • merck

    Merck Animal Health completes acquisition of Vallée

      Madison (USA) – Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) has successfully acquired a controlling interest in Vallée S.A., a leading privately-held producer of animal health products in Brazil. Complementary “The combined strength of the two companies… Lees verder →

  • iso accreditation

    ISO accreditation to Alltech’s mycotoxin laboratory

    Dunboyne (Ireland) – The Alltech mycotoxin analytical services laboratory in Dunboyne, Ireland, was accredited in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The European Alltech 37+ mycotoxin laboratory, which opened in April 2016, is the third of its kind for the American company. The proprietary… Lees verder →

  • melon SOD

    Melon SOD for training and athletic horses

    Blagnac (France) – A new study conducted by Lallemand Animal Nutrition in partnership with the Ovvet Group (UK) and The Nutraceutical Alliance (Canada) shows that melon SOD supplementation helped to maintain muscular and cartilage integrity and decreased oxidative stress and inflammation in training horses. The… Lees verder →

  • sfr

    SFR Feeds and nutrition course in The Netherlands

    Lelystad (The Netherlands) ‒ For the seventh time Schothorst Feed Research (SFR) will organise the international Feeds and Nutrition course in Zaandam (near Amsterdam), June 12-16, 2017. This advanced course offers an in depth practical training, focussed on dairy, swine and/or poultry nutrition, feed formulation,… Lees verder →

  • aquaculture research centre

    Dutch and Brazilian aquafeed producers collaborate

    Dunboyne ( Ireland) – Coppens International, an aquatic feed producer and nutrition company that joined Alltech in 2016, will be collaborating with Guabi, a leading fish feed producer in Brazil. Guabi, a 43-year veteran in the animal feed business, entered into a strategic partnership with… Lees verder →

  • waste framework

    EP: Feed excluded from waste legislation

    Brussels (Belgium) ‒ At the plenary vote on March 14th, on the amendments to the Waste Framework Directive, the European Parliament left the Commission feed exclusion proposal intact. EFFPA, FEFAC and PFP are pleased that the European Parliament has kept raw materials placed on the… Lees verder →