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  • Protix

    Bühler and Protix to boost industrial insect production

    Dongen (The Netherlands) – Bühler and Protix have founded the joint venture Bühler Insect Technology Solutions. This joint venture will develop scalable, industrial solutions for the rearing, and processing of insects to provide protein primarily for animal feed and food. China Bühler Insect Technology Solutions… Lees verder →

  • methionine

    Amasil formic acid approved for US poultry market

    USA ‒ BASF and Balchem Corporation received FDA approval to launch Amasil formic acid in poultry diets in the United States. Amasil was recently introduced in the US for swine, and has been successfully used in poultry diets around the world. It is considered the… Lees verder →

  • copper

    CoRouge approved in the EU

    Sillingy (France) ‒ The copper source CoRouge has been approved for use in animal nutrition in Europe. The official authorisation was published on December 15th, 2016. Procedure In 2014, Animine had submitted to the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) a registration dossier for the authorisation… Lees verder →

  • Adisseo

    European summer silage 2016 contained Penicillium mycotoxins

    Dunboyne (Ireland) – Samples collected as part of the Alltech European Summer Harvest Analysis indicated a high risk for the presence of mycotoxins in total mixed rations (TMR) and grass silage. The Alltech Mycotoxin Management team categorised grass silage samples taken from across Ireland and… Lees verder →

  • mycotoxin

    Mycotoxin situation in UK wheat cause for concern

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ The Nutriad 2016 mycotoxin survey concludes that this year’s harvest of wheat in the UK and Ireland is of medium quality in terms of mycotoxin contamination. The situation is much worse than in last two years, says Nutriad based on the research… Lees verder →

  • Study on live yeast as rumen modifier

    Blagnac (France) –During the Annual Congress on Ruminant Research organized in Paris a study on ruminant diet modelling conducted by Lallemand Animal Nutrition in partnership with Toulouse Agricultural College (Toulouse, France) was presented. This study aimed at integrating the effects of ruminant specific live yeast… Lees verder →

  • Nuterra

    Nutreco launches sustainability programme Nuterra

    Amersfoort (The Netherlands) – Nutreco has launched its new sustainability programme Nuterra, which sets out the company’s sustainability strategy and provides tools to implement it throughout the entire organisation. Building on existing efforts in the animal nutrition and aqua feed businesses of Nutreco, the new… Lees verder →

  • matrix adisseo

    Adisseo introduces tool to customize nutritional matrix

    Antony (France) ‒ Adisseo launches an innovative model (Predictor) that helps customers to extract the maximum potential from their own feed formulations when using Rovabio Advance, the only Feedase. Matrix Predictor provides nutritionists with a precise and tailored nutritional matrix, allowing them to identify the… Lees verder →

  • mycotoxin

    Mycotoxin levels Poland reason for concern

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ The wheat and triticale mycotoxin survey conducted by Nutriad in 2016 concluded that this year’s harvest of wheat and triticale in Poland is of concerning quality in terms of mycotoxin contamination.  Based on the results of this survey, it is the belief… Lees verder →

  • ew nutrition

    Double strike for EW Nutrition at EuroTier 2016

    Hanover (Germany) ‒ At EuroTier 2016 EW Nutrition got one of the highly coveted silver medals in the Innovation Award Contest of the DLG. The second innovation, Activo NoDys, was awarded from the DLV in the category feedstuffs. Combination The silver medal for innovation was… Lees verder →