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  • Jaar van de Big

    Biomin introduces 7th center for animal nutrition

    Getzersdorf (Austria) ‒ Biomin introduced its seventh Center of Applied Animal Nutrition (CAN). This center is located in Tulln, Austria. In vivo research will focus on piglet and broiler nutrition. The experimental trial facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for digestibility tests, kinetics studies biomarker… Lees verder →

  • dierwelzijn

    Maintaining productivity in antibiotic free environments

    Tilburg (The Netherlands) ‒ A trial in Indonesia on 300,000 broilers compared performance when fed either feed additives or antibiotics (AGPs). The results show that the animals on the feed additives reached similar performance to those on AGPs. Reduction There is a worldwide concern to… Lees verder →

  • feeding device

    Van Aarsen introduces new feeding device hammer mill

    Panheel (The Netherlands) ‒ In order to further minimise explosion risk, Van Aarsen has introduced an innovative feeding device with an integrated heavy parts separator (also known as a “stone catcher”) for its GD hammer mill. The GD hammer mill with feeding device from Van… Lees verder →

  • ‘Bring the shrimp industry to a New Normal’

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ The Roundtable Aquaculture Series (TARS), which recently was held during in Thailand, attracted key players in the shrimp industry involved in the production of breeders, aquafeed and post-larvae; farm owners and major suppliers in the region focusing preventing and controlling future disease… Lees verder →

  • science

    Balchem launches second Science Initiative

    New Hampton (USA) – Balchem Corporation, global leader in choline chloride and precision release nutrient technologies, today announced the second year offering of the grant-based research program, the Real Science Initiative. Funding The Real Science Initiative program will offer funding to university and related research… Lees verder →

  • specialists animine

    Animine appoints two new specialists

    Animine, supplier of trace minerals to the feed industry, appointed specialists Valérie Kromm and Denise de Senna Cardoso. Kromm is hired as Product Manager to strengthen the technical and marketing support.  De Senna Cardoso joins Animine as a PhD researcher. Kromm graduated from VetAgro Sup… Lees verder →

  • RNA

    Advances in cereal breeding through RNA

    Adelaide (Australia) ‒ Tiny molecules found in plants are being targeted to breed cereals with the potential to deliver high crop yields under stressful growing conditions such as drought and heat. Researchers from the University of Adelaide found small gene-regulating RNA molecules already present in… Lees verder →

  • formaldehyde

    Alternatives for formaldehyde in feed

    Tilburg (The Netherlands) ‒ Several and diverse possible approaches might lead to suitable alternatives to the use of formaldehyde in feed, according to feed additive producer Selko. “As some challenges are more complex than others, they also require more comprehensive strategies than just applying a… Lees verder →

  • mycotoxin management

    Mycotoxin management in Indonesia

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ Nutriad, a feed additive company, recently participated in Indolivestock, one of the leading livestock tradeshows in Southeast Asia. The main focus of Nutriad at the trade show was mycotoxin deactivators. Feed production Indolivestock, one of the largest livestock tradeshows in the region,… Lees verder →

  • CoRouge

    Animine launches CoRouge

    Sillingy (France) ‒  The French based company Animine launches CoRouge, a new copper source, in various countries in 2016/2017. The copper source has been and is still being tested in different settings. Some of the results of this ongoing research were presented during the annual… Lees verder →

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