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  • Alexander Doring

    Feed LCA Guidelines officially released


    Rome (Italy) – Global Feed Life Cycle Assessment guidelines have been developed by the FAO-led Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership. International feed organisations IFIF, AFIA and Fefac are part of this partnership. Reduce impact The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), American Feed Industry Association… Lees verder →

  • Partnership nova-Institute and Patentopolis

    The German nova-Institut and the Dutch company Patentopolis announced their partnership regarding dissemination, TEE and IP (Intellectual Property) management in European projects for the bio-based economy. The partners will offer their joined expertise in upcoming projects, expanding their services for innovation research, new enterprises and… Lees verder →

  • EU chain partners reject GM proposal

    Brussels (B) ‒ EU Food and feed chain partners rejected today the European Commissions’ latest proposal which attempts to renationalize EU market authorisations of genetically modified crops for feed and food use. Distortion Ensuring that current legislation is properly implemented should have been the main… Lees verder →

  • NEW: newsletter De Molenaar in English

    Leeuwarden, The Netherlands – This is the first newsletter in the English language by De Molenaar, the trade magazine for the feed and grain processing industry in The Netherlands and Belgium. You receive this newsletter as you are already a relation of this trade magazine. Updates… Lees verder →

  • Broiler Breeding Webinar


    Doetinchem, The Netherlands ‒ The World Poultry webinar on Broiler Breeding will be held on the April, 21st 2015. Between CET 11.00 – 12.00 am experts will share their thoughts on unlocking the full potential of the modern broilers’ genetic traits. Program The program of… Lees verder →

  • Rabobank: ‘Weak pork demand drives market’

    Utrecht, The Netherlands ‒ According to the latest Rabobank Pork Quarterly report, the global pork industry has been searching for stability during Q1 2015, with strong supply growth and relatively weak demand driving the market. Sharp lower Pork prices are sharply lower, as robust global… Lees verder →

  • New poultry team members at Diamond V

    Cedar Rapids, USA – Diamond V announces new members of the company’s poultry team in North America. Sharon Heins Miller and Shannon Burasco have joined Diamond V to strengthen the support to the poultry industry. Sharon Heins Miller is a poultry technical specialist. She’s been… Lees verder →

  • CFO Gosse Boon to leave Nutreco

    Boxmeer, The Netherlands ‒ Nutreco announces that Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Gosse Boon has decided to leave the company as of 1 July 2015. A smooth transfer of responsibilities to his successor, Jeroen Wakkerman, currently CFO at SHV Energy, has been ensured. During the past… Lees verder →

  • ‘Stop undermining Internal EU Market’

    EU Food and feed chain partners urge Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to reject any attempt to renationalize EU market authorisations of GM crops for feed and food use. Properly implementing the existing legislation should be the main priority for the Commission before starting further reflections… Lees verder →

  • Feed formulation and ration calculation in one tool

    Formulation as a Service (Faas), an initiative of Adifo and its partner network, offers the possibility to transfer knowledge through the production chain. This information is the base for the tool ‘multi model – multi species’ which enables users to use one single tool for… Lees verder →