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  • DSM adjusts organizational model

    Heerlen (The Netherlands) ‒ Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, announced adjustments to its organizational and operating model. Following recent portfolio changes, these adjustments aim to create a more agile, focused and cost efficient organization, with a stronger business and market… Lees verder →

  • Course ‘Basic processes in compound-feed production’

    IFF and FDL organize the course ‘Basic processes in compound-feed production’. The course will be held at the Feed Design Lab in Wanssum (The Netherlands) on 8 and 9 September 2015. Participants can registrar for this course until August 28th, 2015. Process technology The feed… Lees verder →

  • ammoniak

    China’s hog herd  shrinks rapidly


    Utrecht (The Netherlands) ‒ The astonishing drop of the Chinese hog and sow herd will impact the entire global pork market in the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. Rabobank International concludes this based on the latest figures on the Chinees pig market. Decline For… Lees verder →

  • seaweed

    Potential of seaweed at Seagriculture

    Woerden (The Netherlands) ‒ The potential of seaweed is enormous and not yet all applications are explored. The fourth edition of the Seagriculture conference sheds light on the potential of seaweed extract or seaweed as whole. Health benefits Seaweed contains almost all essential molecules for… Lees verder →

  • ISCC PLUS oilseeds availability increases

    Cologne (Germany) ‒ Several ADM Oilseeds production facilities in Europe have been ISCC PLUS-certified. This enables them to supply the food industry with certified sustainable edible oils from crops including rapeseed and sunflower seeds. Commitment “ISCC is one of Europe’s respected sustainability schemes, which makes… Lees verder →

  • Easy to clean sampling system from Dinnissen

    Sevenum (The Netherlands) ‒ Dinnissen has developed an upgraded version of its automatic sampling system that can be cleaned more quickly and effectively and that further minimizes the risk of external contamination. The system will be presented at the exhibitions Solids in Rotterdam and Schüttgut… Lees verder →

  • Wheat seed coating approved for Europe

    Balaton (USA) – Agnition has launched Commence, a new seed coating for Wheat in Europe. Commence stimulates microbial activity for healthier soil and a improved growth environment. Increased microbial activity near the seed liberates nutrients to create a healthy environment for superior germination and nurtures… Lees verder →

  • Novus at ESPN in Prague

    St. Louis (USA) ‒ Novus International will be one of the participators at the 20th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN). The conference takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, August 24-27, 2015. The focus of Novus will be on sustainable solutions in poultry nutrition. Environmental… Lees verder →

  • Adisseo

    Reducing heat stress in dairy cows

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ Multinational Nutriad Group presents a solution that helps producers reduce the economic consequences of heat stress for dairy cows. “Heat stress is a natural phenomenon that affects dairy cows and other domestic animals in tropical, sub-tropical and often in temperate regions of… Lees verder →

  • New barley genes discovered

    Adelaide (Australia) ‒ A group of international researchers have discovered two new genes in the barley plant that will shed light on the history of agriculture and also bring new capabilities to barley breeding programs. The new genes, Btr1 and Btr2, are completely new genetic discoveries… Lees verder →