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  • Z-Conveyor

    Poeth delivers largest Atex-compliant Z-Conveyor

    Tegelen (The Netherlands)  ̶  One of the largest beer brewers in the world based in Algiers recently installed a completely new silo system at its newly acquired brewery. As part of this project Poeth Solids Processing from Tegelen (The Netherlands) delivered the largest and highest… Lees verder →

  • NIR

    Global award for NIR specialist of AB Vista

    AB Vista’s Senior R&D Applications Specialist Ali Gahkani has been awarded first prize in The Council for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy’s global NIR data analysis competition, hosted at the recent International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Open to all conference attendees, the biennial competition takes… Lees verder →

  • Alexander Doring

    Fefac SG Alexander Döring wins DVT award

    On 13 September 2018, the German Feed Association (DVT – Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung) handed out their award to Alexander Döring for his contributions to the feed industry. It is the fourth time DVT hands out its feed industry award. DVT President Jan Lahde thanked Döring… Lees verder →

  • varkenspest

    ASF alerts European pig industry

    Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)  ̶  The discovery of African swine fever in wild boars in Belgium has alerted pig producers in Western Europe. Several countries have put additional regulation in place. The pig industry in the densely pig populated provinces of Brabant and Limburg in The Netherlands are… Lees verder →

  • Mellow Go

    Innov’Space award for Denkavit Mellow Go

    Voorthuizen (The Netherlands)  ̶  Mellow Go, a new prestarter for piglets developed by Denkavit, was awarded an Innov’Space 2018 award. This was announced at the exhibition Space in Rennes, which took place from 11 till 14 of September. Solid and liquid Mellow Go has a… Lees verder →

  • fish innovation

    Cargill opens fish innovation center in Indonesia

    Jakarta (Indonesia)  ̶  Cargill has opened an aquaculture innovation center in Indonesia to work with freshwater fish farmers in raising farming and feeding standards. The Technology Application Center (TAC) is located at Ciseeng, Parung-Bogor. Best practices Parung- Bogor is a hub for freshwater aquaculture in… Lees verder →

  • GMP+ International

    GMP+ introduces GMO controlled feed standard

    Rijswijk (The Netherlands)  ̶  GMP+ International introduced a new standard: GMP+MUI 105 GMO controlled. This standard is developed in cooperation with VLOG and meets the demands for a GMO controlled standard in feed. Cooperation Because of the increased importance of non-GMO feed production, GMP+ International… Lees verder →

  • Victam

    Victam 2019: preparation well under way

    Nijkerk (The Netherlands)  ̶  Victam International 2019 is coming up. The organisation is in full swing for the next edition of the event with special focus on feed industry, grain processing, and more. Companies who wish to participate in the exhibition can book their space… Lees verder →