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Duynie Group expands to Italy

Foto: Duynie Group

In line with Duynie Group’s strategy, to manage co-products of suppliers across Europe, Duynie SRL (Duynie Feed Italy) has started in Italy on April 1st.

Duynie Feed Italy will take care of all co-products from three major breweries in Italy. Optimizing the value of co-products by supplying them into the Meat and Dairy sector. Especially in the highly agriculture specialized area of Po Valley.

Italy is a country with an important agriculture and farming sector. The Italian co-product market is still developing. “There’s a major challenge to sustainably manage co-products and create a circular value chain in the market”, Duynie Group says on its website.


Duynie Feed Italy will work closely with the European organization of Duynie Group, sharing insights and knowledge to maximize the opportunities in Italy. “Duynie Group’s geographical spread and cross border mindset offers the ability to create new value for suppliers and customers throughout Europe.”


The Duynie Feed Italy headquarter is in the Milano area and the team is managed by Paolo Grendene. Paolo holds a degree in agricultural science from the University of Milan and a Master in Business Administration from MIP-School of Business Milano. He has extensive experience in agriculture and farming. He managed the largest dairy operation in Italy for 12 years and grew up on a family farm in northern Italy.

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