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Uncertainty dominates German pig market

The German pig market is under pressure.

“The German pig market is under tremendous pressure,” states DLG director Reinhard Grandke at the Eurotier press conference. The trade fair will be held in Februari 2021. Exhibitors and press members were offered a preview of the fully digital event two months in advance.

At the beginning of December over half a million pigs were awaiting their slaughter in Germany. “Due to Covid 19 the demand for pig meat has dropped drastically. There is less demand from the out-of-home channels”, explains Grandke.

African Swine Fever

Furthermore Germany has had to deal with the presence of the African Swine Fever at the eastern boarder of the country. Since these incidences the country is no longer free of the virus. This has affected the trade status of Germany on the world pig meat market. “China has locked its boarders for German meat products. Hence the price fall has been dramatic”, according to Grandke. In addition to falling meat prices the world market is experiencing rising demand for feed stocks. This increased the feed prices.


Grandke states that the past fifty years meat production has risen gradually. “But what will happen in the near future?” At the moment there still is a growing demand for animal protein in developing markets. However in full grown markets such as Europe the demand for animal protein is dropping and alternative proteins are in growing demand. “This shift will also effect the types of animal protein consumers will prefer in different markets.” In the long run it will result in even more diversification of products. “Also on a farm level”, predicts Grandke.

Animal welfare

Despite the present situation on the pig market pig farmers in Germany continue to have a lot of interest in animal welfare, animal health and the reduction of antibiotics, according to a DLG survey. “Farmers of the future will have an eye for investments in automisation, cost efficiency, animal welfare and other social theme’s that are relevant for the future of their companies.” These interest will also be topics that will be addressed during Eurotier 2021, the fully digital event to be held from Februari 9-12, 2021.

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