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    Alessandra Monteiro and Jinxiao Zhang join Animine

    Sillingy (France)  ̶  Dr Alessandra Monteiro and Dr Jinxiao Zhang have been appointed by Animine, to strengthen the team, respectively in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. R&D The France-based supplier of value added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition Animine appointed Alessandra Monteiro… Lees verder →

  • piglet feeds

    Impact of zinc and copper in piglet feeds

    Sillingy (France)  ̶  Animine resently presented their insights on zinc and copper in piglet feeds at the 50th Swine Research Days in Paris. Zinc A study from Ghent University (Belgium) showed that supplementation with pharmacological dosage of the standard zinc oxide or with lower dosage… Lees verder →

  • copper levels

    Copper in piglet diets: impact on growth and environment

    Sillingy (France)  ̶  The 16th International Symposium on Trace Elements in Man and Animals (TEMA) was held in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) end of June. Animine presented two oral presentations and two posters focussing on current debates about zinc and copper levels in animal feeds. Modeling Since… Lees verder →

  • dierwelzijn

    Heat stress with broilers hot topic at 21st ESPN

    Sillingly (France) ‒ Physiology of thermoregulation in broilers was reviewed by Dr Shelly Druyan from the Volcani Center (Israel) at the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition in Spain. Growth performance Broilers with highest growth performance are more sensitive to heat stress. Different nutritional strategies… Lees verder →

  • ‘Zinkbron vleeskuikens aanpassen bij hittestress’

    Vleeskuikens met de hoogste groeiprestatie zijn gevoeliger voor hittestress. Dr. Shelly Druyan van het Volcani Center uit Israël sprak hierover tijdens de twintigste editie van het ‘European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition’ (ESPN) in Praag. Pluimveeproducenten kunnen verschillende voedingsstrategieën toepassen om de prestaties van hun broilers… Lees verder →

  • ethoxyquin

    Animine: ‘Prepare for post-ethoxyquin era’

    Sillingly (France) ‒ ‘The feed industry should prepare itself for the post-ethoxyquin period’, says Animine, a French company with the main focus on trace minerals, based on recent findings of EFSA on the product. Inconclusive Ethoxyquin is a synthetic antioxidant used as a feed additive… Lees verder →

  • copper

    CoRouge goedgekeurd in de EU

    Sinds 15 december is de koperbron CoRouge goedgekeurd in de EU. In 2014 diende Animine een dossier in bij de EFSA voor autorisatie van CoRouge in diervoeding. De identiteit, veiligheid (voor medewerkers, dieren, consumenten en het milieu) en de effectiviteit in het additief zijn erna… Lees verder →

  • copper

    CoRouge approved in the EU

    Sillingy (France) ‒ The copper source CoRouge has been approved for use in animal nutrition in Europe. The official authorisation was published on December 15th, 2016. Procedure In 2014, Animine had submitted to the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) a registration dossier for the authorisation… Lees verder →