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    Alltech 37+ analyses new mycotoxins

    New and emerging mycotoxins can now be analysed by the Alltech 37+ Laboratory. In total, five new mycotoxins have been added to the testing panel, bringing the total number of detectable mycotoxins to 54. Lees verder →

  • enniatin

    Tox-Aid deactivates Enniatin B

    Culemborg (The Netherlands)  ̶  Enniatins are a group of mycotoxins. This group is relatively unknown, but increasingly occurs in Western Europe. In-vitro research shows that Tox-Aid, available through EFS Holland, combats Enniatin B1 very efficiently. Wide spread Research by Ghent University shows that 79% of… Lees verder →

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    Mycotoxin situation in UK wheat cause for concern

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ The Nutriad 2016 mycotoxin survey concludes that this year’s harvest of wheat in the UK and Ireland is of medium quality in terms of mycotoxin contamination. The situation is much worse than in last two years, says Nutriad based on the research… Lees verder →

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    Mycotoxin levels Poland reason for concern

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ The wheat and triticale mycotoxin survey conducted by Nutriad in 2016 concluded that this year’s harvest of wheat and triticale in Poland is of concerning quality in terms of mycotoxin contamination.  Based on the results of this survey, it is the belief… Lees verder →

  • Kemin launches new mycotoxin binder

    Herentals (Belgium) – Kemin introduces a new mycotoxin binder: Toxfin XL. This new and improved mycotoxin binder works at different pH levels and prevents the absorption of mycotoxins by the animal. Analyses Kemin created Toxfin XL after continuously analyzing different raw materials and final feed… Lees verder →

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    ‘High mycotoxin challenge in this years crops’

    Dendermonde (Belgium) ‒ A hot, dry year such as the current one in which the plants are stressed may generate much higher levels of aflatoxin than under more moderate conditions.  Climatological conditions across Europe and North America might affect the mycotoxin challenge for next year,… Lees verder →

  • Alltech extends global Mycotoxin team

    Dunboyne (Ireland) – Nick Adams has been appointed to the post of Alltech global director to lead strategy for the mycotoxin management service and product offering. The mycotoxin unit was established in 2011. Focus Previously global sales director, Adams will ensure the company’s now 50… Lees verder →