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  • Z-Conveyor

    Poeth delivers largest Atex-compliant Z-Conveyor

    Tegelen (The Netherlands)  ̶  One of the largest beer brewers in the world based in Algiers recently installed a completely new silo system at its newly acquired brewery. As part of this project Poeth Solids Processing from Tegelen (The Netherlands) delivered the largest and highest… Lees verder →

  • C-conveyor

    C-conveyor optimises capacity and prevents contamination

    Tegelen (The Netherlands)  ̶  Poeth has developed its new C-Conveyor specifically for situations where the product or raw materials have to be fed back into the system vertically. The C-Conveyor optimises the production capacity of recirculating conveying systems and minimises the risk of contamination. The… Lees verder →

  • AirConveyor

    Energy and cost efficient AirConveyor

    Tegelen (The Netherlands)  ̶  The Poeth AirConveyor is specially specifically for companies that want to transport powders, pellets and granulates cost-effectively and efficiently. This innovative system offers companies 75% less maintenance costs after approximately 3 years operating time and consumes 40% less energy. Damage free… Lees verder →

  • Poeth introduceert AirConveyor

    Speciaal voor bedrijven die poeders, korrels en granulaten transporteren, ontwikkelde Poeth de nieuwe AirConveyor. “Daarmee besparen bedrijven 40%  energie en op termijn 75% op hun onderhoudskosten.” Het luchtgedragen systeem van Poeth is geschikt voor het breukloos transport van bulkgoederen over korte tot zeer lange afstanden,… Lees verder →

  • z-conveyor

    Koudijs Animal Nutrition invests in Z-Conveyor

    Tegelen (The Netherlands) ‒ Koudijs Animal Nutrition produces animal feed, concentrates and premixes exclusively for (inter)national compound feed producers. For its exclusive premium piglet feed factory in Andel Koudijs has invested in the contamination-free Z-Conveyor by Poeth that enables the complete unloading of light, fine… Lees verder →

  • z-conveyor

    Poeth introduces high-capacity Z-Conveyor

    Tegelen (The Netherlands) ‒ Poeth Solids Processing has developed the innovative and cost-effective Z-Conveyor for the high-capacity transport of bulk solids to great heights. The Z-Conveyor eliminates the need for expensive investments in Atex safety systems. The new system is also energy-efficient and suitable for… Lees verder →

  • Inclined flight conveyor by Poeth

    Cologne (Germany) ‒ At Victam International the attention of visitors to the Poeth booth was drown to the so called Z-conveyor. This incline flight conveyor is designed for handling a variety of dry, free flowing bulk materials either horizontally, on an incline or a combination of… Lees verder →