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    Trouw Nutrition research facilities welcome 100,000th visitor

    Boxmeer (The Netherlands)  – Last week the 100,000th visitor was welcomed at the Trouw Nutrition research facilities in Boxmeer, The Netherlands. Leo den Hartog, R&D Director, welcomed Canadian customer Lactech.  The aim of Lactech’s visit was to gain knowledge from the latest calf and precision… Lees verder →

  • vitale varkenshouderij

    Biomin introduces 7th center for animal nutrition

    Getzersdorf (Austria) ‒ Biomin introduced its seventh Center of Applied Animal Nutrition (CAN). This center is located in Tulln, Austria. In vivo research will focus on piglet and broiler nutrition. The experimental trial facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for digestibility tests, kinetics studies biomarker… Lees verder →

  • science

    Balchem launches second Science Initiative

    New Hampton (USA) – Balchem Corporation, global leader in choline chloride and precision release nutrient technologies, today announced the second year offering of the grant-based research program, the Real Science Initiative. Funding The Real Science Initiative program will offer funding to university and related research… Lees verder →

  • New barley genes discovered

    Adelaide (Australia) ‒ A group of international researchers have discovered two new genes in the barley plant that will shed light on the history of agriculture and also bring new capabilities to barley breeding programs. The new genes, Btr1 and Btr2, are completely new genetic discoveries… Lees verder →