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  • animine

    Alessandra Monteiro and Jinxiao Zhang join Animine

    Sillingy (France)  ̶  Dr Alessandra Monteiro and Dr Jinxiao Zhang have been appointed by Animine, to strengthen the team, respectively in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. R&D The France-based supplier of value added sources of trace minerals for animal nutrition Animine appointed Alessandra Monteiro… Lees verder →

  • specialists animine

    Animine appoints two new specialists

    Animine, supplier of trace minerals to the feed industry, appointed specialists Valérie Kromm and Denise de Senna Cardoso. Kromm is hired as Product Manager to strengthen the technical and marketing support.  De Senna Cardoso joins Animine as a PhD researcher. Kromm graduated from VetAgro Sup… Lees verder →

  • Pulte

    Pulte new distributor for Animine

    Sillingy (France) ‒ Animine, the French global supplier of trace minerals for animal nutrition, has appointed Pulte GmbH  as its arketing and commercial support partner in Germany and Austria. Under this partnership, Pulte will work closely with Animine to develop the market and product positioning.… Lees verder →

  • Animine Forum Korea

    Animine Forum in Korea

    Seoul (Korea) ‒ The Korean company Daeho, distributor of the France-based supplier of trace minerals, organised the Animine Forum in Seoul. The seminar focused on mineral nutrition of pigs and poultry, with a high quality program of Korean and European speakers. Performance How can supplemented… Lees verder →

  • trace minerals Micronutrients

    Nutreco completes Micronutrients acquisition

    Amersfoort (The Netherlands) – Nutreco has completed the acquisition of Micronutrients initially announced 7 December 2015. Micronutrients is a global leader in hydroxy-based trace minerals. The acquisition of Micronutrients enables Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s animal nutrition business, to further strengthen its Selko feed additives product portfolio.… Lees verder →

  • First Animine Academy successful

    Sillingly (France) ‒The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) and Animine organised the first Animine Academy in Paris mid-September. This two-days scientific conference gathered more than 100 people coming from Europe, Asia, Australia and USA. Views on minerals Renowned speakers from INRA (France), Wageningen University… Lees verder →

  • First Animine Academy on trace minerals

    Sillingy (France) ‒ The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) and Animine have announced the organisation of the first Animine Academy. The event will be held in Paris on September 10-11, 2015. This workshop will focus on trace mineral nutrition of animals. Various renowned scientists… Lees verder →

  • Eurostars funding for trace mineral research

    Sillingy (F) ‒ Animine as leader of a consortium has been awarded a grand of 1 million euro by the Eurostars programme for a project concerning trace minerals for animal nutrition. Eurostars Eurostars is a joint programme between 34 EUREKA member countries and the European… Lees verder →

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